Connect the dots and briefly explain the outcome to the client.

It is important for a life coach to remember that clients learn more from participatory teaching methods than passive teaching methods. According to The Learning Pyramid ( (Links to an external site.)), we learn 50% by group discussion, 75% in the “practice of doing,” and 90% by teaching others.
The apply assignment for this week is hands-on. Find a willing participant and engage them in a conversation. However, as you do, take on the perspective of a life coach and help them both understand and design their very own “Wheel of Life”:
Choose 6-8 areas in their life.
Chart where they are, presently, in each area, utilizing the 0-10 point system.
Connect the dots and briefly explain the outcome to the client.
Coach them in creating one action step in how to start to regain balance in their life and one action step on stopping, reprioritizing, or delegating.
Think of this as a meaningful way to engage a friend or family member in meaningful conversation about how to live a life on purpose. Once complete, reflect on your conversation, summarize the experience in written form, using the subheadings: My Client, The Spokes (6-8 areas they chose), Connecting the Dots (upload an illustration/photo of their chart), Action Steps, Effectiveness of “The Wheel of Life” Exercise.

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