Compare Cipher Tools

Select one of the options below to complete this assignment.
Option 1: Compare Cipher Tools
A variety of online cipher tools demonstrate different cryptographic algorithms. Visit the website Cipher Tools ( and explore the different tools. Select three tools, one of which is mentioned in this module (ROT13, one-time pad, etc.). Experiment with the three tools. Which is easy to use? Which is more difficult? Which tool would you justify as more secure than the others? Why? Write a one-page paper on your analysis of the tools.
Option 2: SHA-3
The hash algorithms SHA -1 and SHA-2 were not created by publicly sourced contests but instead were created by the National Security Agency (NSA) and then released as public-use patents. Although they are not identical, they share some of the same underlying mathematics, which has been proven to contain some cryptographic flaws. SHA-2 is a safer hash largely because of its increased digest length. SHA-3 is a completely different type of hash algorithm. Research SHA-3. What were its design goals? How is it different from SHA-1 and SHA-2? What are its advantages? How does its performance in hardware and software compare? When will it be widely implemented? Write a one-page paper on your research.
For each answer, please explain your reasoning.
Assignments must be in Microsoft Word
Remember to cite resources.

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