assistance with completing and editing my Literature review

I need assistance with completing and editing my Literature review, annotated bibliography, and lastly with writing my capstone project. I’ll attach a copy of my syllabus, which outlines exactly how the paper is suppose to be written, including the components I’ve mentioned. Starting with my Lit Review, I currently have 11 sources of the 20 needed as well 8 of the required 10 pages done, although again, I’ll need this to be edited. In addition to needing 9 additional sources, I need those to be reviewed and placed within the Lit Review that’s attached. 1-2 paragraphs are required for each source in the Lit Review. I’ve attached my currently Lit Review and set it up in a similar fashion to my Professors with various reasons being listed on the first page. I have the reason or causes listed and then following those reasons are the literature reviews. The first reason is geography but I only found one article that incorporated this argument. A few articles to support this one would be ideal. I have two reasons but a third reason is needed. 2 of the 9 sources I’m requesting can be dedicated to this third reason. That should put us at 4 of the 9 additional sources needed. The last 5 have to be on Botswana and Namibia as those are the two countries I’ve chosen to research and compare. They can be incorporated into the Lit Review wherever it fits best given the structure. Again, I just want to emphasize that I need these 9 additional sources to be incorporated into the Literature Review I’ve attached and outlined. Everything should flow as far as the work I’ve completed myself and what I’m purchasing. After doing so, I should meet the 10 page Lit Review requirement with incorporating these 9 sources. I need the exact same thing for my Annotated Bibliography, 9 additional sources, that are reviewed and incorporated within the Annotated Bibliography I have already attached. These reviews need to be 1 paragraph. I also need a Research Prospectus which has to be 1 page. I’ve attached instructions as well as a sample provided by my Professor. In total, I need 2 additional pages for my Lit Review with 9 additional sources incorporated into what I currently have and attached. I need 2 additional pages for my Annotated Bibliography with the same 9 additional sources also incorporated into what I currently have and attached. The sources in the Lit Review and Annotated Bibliography need to be incorporated within the Capstone essay/thesis itself. I need a 1 page Research Prospectus for which I’ve attached a sample and instructions. The rest of the 16 pages are to be dedicated to the essay component. The abstract needs to come first, any keywords or the word count can follow the abstract. Next follow the introduction and then the research question. The research question is found at the top of the Lit Review but I’ll include it here, “Why do some countries transform economically from developing to developed.” Next is the argument followed by the Lit Review. Again, it should be the Lit Review I’ve attached as well as the work the write completes in conjunction. The research question should remain at the top of the Lit Review. The next component is the conclusion, followed by the hypothesis, methodology in terms of data (quantitative/qualitative analysis) and lastly the works cited page. There should be graphs and additional data to support research within the essay portion. 5 graphs would be ideal as well as quotes from the 9 sources purchased. When completing the work cited page, utilize the sources I’ve provided in my Annotated Bibliography as well as the 9 sources that were purchased. I also need 15 PowerPoint slides detailing the Capstone Project for my Senior Presentation. This is everything that’s required to complete the Capstone.

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