analyzing the documentary Being in the World

Your film analysis paper essay should be approximately 1000 words (3-4 pages) analyzing the documentary Being in the World (Links to an external site.).
The essay is due TBD at midnight. Submit it here on Canvas, there is no need to bring a hard copy.
Your essay will be composed of three sections: a) conceptual analysis of a key existentialist idea (herd instinct, anxiety, ressentiment, authenticity, etc.), b) tracing and explicating that concept through the film (plot, character development, analysis of specific scenes), and c) personal reflection on the meaning and significance of this concept in modern life.
Your essay should be approximately 1000 words (plan on writing about 350 words for each section).
Use as a beginning point the Film Analysis Worksheet Download Film Analysis Worksheet that we used in class.
Do not use secondary sources; keep your analysis focused on the primary texts we have used in class.
Give textual evidence for your claims with proper reference to the author of the selection and page number from our textbook: “… your quotation …” (Kierkegaard, 56).
Introduce your ideas, explain your positions, and use the text for support.
Do not let the quotes write your paper. Always explain and make explicit your interpretation of the quote.
Include the word count at the end of your paper.
Make sure you have three distinct sections for your paper, and title each section.
For example, you may want to write a paper discussing the concept of authenticity, using the carpenter from the documentary as your focus, and apply it to your life by talking about what constitutes meaningful work. Perhaps your thesis statement would be “An authentic life is only possible if one’s gainful employment involves doing a type of work that is meaningful for one.”
Or, following the format I suggested: “The movie Being-in-the-World illustrates through its depiction of the carpenter Hiroshi Sakaguchi the existentialist claim that an authentic life requires that one’s commitments, such as the work one does, are true to one’s passions. I agree that engaging in work that one is passionate about is necessary for a life that is more authentically lived.”
Then you may title your sections: “A) Authenticity; B) Tools of the Trade: The case of Hiroshi Sakaguchi; C) Meaningful Work”
In your paper you would develop the concept of authenticity, its relation to meaningful work, explaining what makes Sakaguchi’s trade “authentic” in the Heideggerian sense, and finally apply it to your life or our contemporary world. Make sure you clearly state the main point you want to argue for (your thesis statement) and use it as your compass throughout your essay.
Make your position and argument stronger by considering and responding to at least one possible objection.
Make sure your essay is a coherent whole that has
a catchy title.
an introductory paragraph with your thesis statement (the position you will defend/ support in your essay), and a hook to get your reader interested.
coherent and well-organized main body paragraphs that develop your ideas and guide your reader through your argument. Each paragraph should have a clearly identifiable topic sentence. Each paragraph should meaningfully contribute to your overall argument.
a concluding paragraph, summarizing what you have argued for and what you have accomplished.

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