what role do smartphones and computers play in remembering information in your life?

In order to keep information in long-term memory it must be encoded, which is the cognitive process by which information is translated into a mental or internal representation that the brain can store. The Levels of Processing Theory states that information is remembered better when this encoding process is done in a deep way. This idea of deep processing is based on research evidence that supports the view that the more details we process and elaborate during encoding, the better will be our subsequent recall.
In order to get a picture of how elaborative encoding works, please watch the TED Talk by Joshua Foer. Here is the link:

Keeping in mind the context of this TED talk, please write a brief paragraph for your discussion post that focuses on the question:
“To what extent has technology has become your extended mind?”
For example, what role do smartphones and computers play in remembering information in your life?
To what extent do you think they strengthen or weaken people’s overall memory abilities?

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