The State of Kidney Health among African Americans

II. The State of Kidney Health among African Americans
A. Significance of kidney disease among African Americans —2 SLIDES INCLUDE STATISTICAL DATA morbidity and motality in AA local (Maryland) and Nationally
B. Definitions of key terms – health inequities, health disparities, etc. —–2 SLIDES DESCRIBE EACH TERM SEPARATELY GIVE EXAMPLES IN NOTE SECTION
C. Social determinants and kidney disease among African Americans— 2 SLIDES GIVE EXAMPLES IN NOTE SECTION
Use a blank PowerPoint template as content will be placed with other content and template. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS PP WILL BE ADDED TO OTHER CONTENT…
Text usage
• Use bullet points and/or simple lists – limiting the words on the slide so not to overwhelm.
• Detailed information needs to be included on a slide, please place this in the notes section
• Please include a narration scriipt in the notes panel of each slide. The narration notes will be used for narration and/or captions to support compliance.
• If narration is not needed on a slide, please note that in the slide notes.
• This model is based on brain- based learning theory, using the latest science in promoting learning and retention for adult learners.
• Suggest engagement strategies in the slide notes or create a slide that includes an engagement strategy every 3rd slides. Ideas for engagement: knowledge checks, reflection, matching, fill in the blank, change up the visual with pictures, videos, graphs, a case study and/or a problem to solve.
• All content should be evidence-based from trusted sources and institutions.
• include statistical data for local (Maryland) and Nationally..
• Please include a reference list in a word document. This should contain your sources. • A reference list on a slide is also needed.
• References and resources should be current (less than 5 years) or classic sources IN APA FORMAT AT LEAST 2-3 SCHOLAR SOURES.

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