How will this affect the marketing of your selected product?

Please respond to both individuals in 2 separate paragraphs by agreeing and adding facts with a minimum of 175 words. Example:
Paragraph 1-Response to Bibiana-I agree with Bibiana…
Paragraph 2- I agree with Hannah Shelton…
Here are their responses: Bibiana- The product I want to discuss is the pager/beeper. According to Arredondo (Communication gadgets: Then and Now, 2018), The first pager was invented in 1921. After only being used by the Chicago police department, Motorola branded the name pager in 1959. The tone pager was made in the 70s. This was very resourceful for businesses such as doctors because important messages could be relayed. The pager became very popular in the 90s and were used by more than the business world. I owned on in the late 90s and I thought that I had a perfect way to communicate. The pager was ideal for people to get instant information or be notified to call someone. After the companies such as Motorola maintained its brand name, the cell phone came and captured the consumers attention. Pagers didn’t go extinct, and I only gained this knowledge doing the research for this response. It is said by Spok (Why Pagers Still Matter, 2021) that the pager is still alive and well. However, being in its harvesting stage, the pagers have evolved in the manner of restaurants letting their guests know that seating is available.
Arrendondo, Danielle. 2018. Communication gadgets: Then and now (
Spok. 2021. Why pagers still matter: the history of pagers (1921-2021) – Spok Inc.
Response from Hannah-Hello Class,
This week I chose to write about is the board game, Monopoly. Monopoly was introduced to the market in 1935 by the Parker Brothers. Since it’s launch, there have been over 300 different types of Monopoly games released. The product life cycle for Monopoly has lasted for many years because Hasbro continues to create versions that capture consumers’ attention. I personally love playing Monopoly and am definitely one of the consumers who pay attention to the new versions of Monopoly at my local stores. I believe I have at least 6 different versions of Monopoly because they have all grabbed my attention. One specific version I can think of that Monopoly has created to stay up with the times is the electronic banking version. By updating the way the banking is used, it mimics the banking that most kids see their parents using so they are more likely to ask their parents to buy the board game for them. If Hasbro continues to make new versions, I can see them selling Monopoly for another several years.
Here is the original question from the professor;
Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
Select a product you are familiar with. Based on your knowledge of the product life cycle, what types of changes will occur to your selected product as it continues through the product life cycle? How will this affect the marketing of your selected product?

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