argumentative essay on the essay below

An argumentative essay on the essay below
here’s the game
In the game, I managed to round up a total of 10,026 followers. To me personally, the game was played out much differetly than I expected it to be. It seemed as if the game wanted me to take a false approach, one that would senslessly stur up drama and conflict between my “followers” and the mainstream media accounts. That surprsied a little, as it seemed the game wanted the conflict and wanted you to be the one adding fuel to the fire, as it made it seem as if that was the only way to gain followers and crdibility. hen ansswering things and taking a more even approach, the game penalized me by making me “lose” followers and get questioned by them. I learned that social media and fake media and news accounts are around for one thing, and that is to add to an already stressful life by falsifying information to appeal to people.
Personally, i feel as if an increase in the ease of creating and spreading information divides our society. beyond the game and into real life, you can easily find hoax sotries and made up tweets to fit peoples own agenda. This only causes the seperation of sides to grow larger, as false stories can help fuel one sides piion against the other. With being able to so easily docotr up a fake message to get people to believe what you want them to, it divides groups of people much faster.

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