What is ONE takeaway from reading this HBR chapter?

2 HBR [10] Ancona, Malone, Orlikowski, & Senge: In Praise of the Incomplete Leader
“Sometimes, leaders need to further develop the capabilities they are weakest in . . . Other times, however, it’s more important for leaders to find and work with others to compensate for their weaknesses.” (p.181)
To do this assignment, read the entire chapter. Then, review the Examining Your Leadership Capabilities Section (p. 194-195). Next, reflect on your areas of strength and weakness and finally, respond to the following questions below:
1a) Give an example of a situation where you were weak in one of the Four Capabilities.
b Describe how you addressed this weakness.
2) Give an example of a situation where you demonstrated TWO of the Four Capabilities well.
3) What is ONE takeaway from reading this HBR chapter?
only use book: HBR’s 10 must reads: On leadership (2011). Boston, MA: Harvard Business Press.
150-300 words, double spaced.
All HBR reflections are pass-fail

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