Review this video on How to Submit an Assignment in Blackboard if you need assistance with this feature.

—————————————————————————Book I will be using for the book report that inspired me for my research paper issue (Mine was an article on accident about a virus) (Please do not use the wiki link for the Works Cited Page, use the regular book’s MLA citation.)
The website above will have the sources that my teacher approves of so please use this one above to find everything you need. Username: schoolcr33 Password : br@dkliff36
For this journal assignment, draft a thesis and a general outline for your research paper. Use the Research Paper Planning Document to type up the plan for your research paper. (This is a form document in Word: click on the shaded areas to start typing; the shaded area will expand with your ideas.)
For each section, type a topic sentence in the first box. Then, use bullets to list the articles, book chapters or other sources you’ll discuss to support the topic sentence.
For the “Ending Idea” identify the primary research, personal reflection, special quote you are saving for the reiteration of the thesis or to your ending point. Begin to formulate an appeal to the reader through logs, pathos or ethos, too.
TIPS: Your book report is the longest manuscriipt you have drafted so far this semester for use in the research paper. Examine its thesis and topic sentences to give you ideas for your research paper.
This assignment is worth 10 points and will be evaluated based on the point breakdown indicated on the worksheet.
Please save your assignment as a Word document (.doc) and upload it by clicking on the Browse My Computer button. Name the file as LastnamePlanning, where “Lastname” is your last name (i.e. JohnsonPlanning.doc).
Review this video on How to Submit an Assignment in Blackboard if you need assistance with this feature.
See Calendar for due date.
My research paper issue will be about the use of euthanasia and if euthanasia is ethical. I also included the Stubbs example my teacher was referring to if you need a visual reference.

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