Describe the author’s central research question.

Find one peer-reviewed journal article, about one of the following topics:
Use of sUAS to conduct a business case (e.g. inspection, logistics)
Benefits of sUAS to accomplish economic use cases
Safety considerations involved in UAS operations
Regulatory hurdles for sUAS commercial applications
International examples sUAS commercial applications
Follow APA style: no title page or abstract.
Follow the instructions and elements below:
Read the article at least 3 times.
Highlight key terms.
Describe the author’s central research question.
List the main themes in the literature review.
Describe the methods used to obtain data.
Describe the sample population, if possible.
Discuss the benefits and limitations of that sample in answering the researcher’s questions. Describe the analysis of the results.
Discuss whether the conclusion is or is not convincing, based on the analysis.
Discuss the application of the information in the article to practice.
You will also use in-text citations from the journal article in your research report, use one indirect and one direct citation.

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