What would be the reliability of such a computer-driven measurement strategy, and why?

answer the following question, with around 70 words for each:
a. say that a researcher wanted to create a measure of media coverage for brexit support, and so created a set of coding rules to code words in newspaper articles as either ‘leave’ or ‘remain’ toward the referendum. Instead of hiring students to implement these rules instead, the researcher used a computer to code the text, by counting the frequency with which certain words were mentioned in a series of articles. What would be the reliability of such a computer-driven measurement strategy, and why? Define reliability.
b. according to the structural theory of voting, voter turnout is the product of structural forces in society giving rise to attributes like social class. One example is that middle class people are more likely to vote than working class people. Evaluate the measurement of both the independent and dependent variables in the above given example. Briefly describe the reliability and validity for each measure.
c. suppose that a researcher wanted to measure the gov. efforts to make healthcare of citizens priority. The researcher suggested to count the government’s budget for healthcare as a percentage of the total GDP and use that as the measure of the government’s commitment to healthcare. In terms of validity, what are the strengths and weaknesses of such a measure?

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