What was your reaction to the clip?

Although fictional, the video provides a glimpse into jury selection in the United States. After watching the short video clip below, research and respond to the following questions:
What was your reaction to the clip?
Where did the idea of jury trials come from?
Why were jury trials so important to the founders of the United States?
According to Senator Whitehouse, what are the advantages of using juries?
How do jury trials limit the power of the government and protect individual rights?
Submission Guidelines:
1. You can answer the questions above, via video, audio, PowerPoint, visual graphic, or screenshot of a social media post. The choice is yours!!!
2. Each response should be 2-3 sentences in length.
3. Responses should be written in their own words, when paraphrasing on using direct quotes, an in-text citation is required.
In-text citation examples:
“Here is a direct quote” (Johnson 23)
If no author is provided, you would use a short title and page number (“Jury Selection Overview” 23).
Use the video below for reference:

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