What themes do you see within the subject?

In this week’s discussion, you will choose one piece of art (either 2D, 3D, or architecture) from the websites listed in the unit folder or other researched sites and share it. (Save the image, and upload it with the image icon in Blackboard.)
For your chosen piece:
First list technical observations:
the title, artist, date, location
Medium & Type of canvas or sculpture (relief, full round)
List two elements that you see used
List two principles that you see applied
Second list contextual observations (which will require more research):
What is the period, history, and culture this piece is from
What is the subject?
What themes do you see within the subject?
What is the function of the communication of the piece? (Historical, Socio-political, Personal, Therapeutic, Aesthetic)
Third, why did you choose this piece?
How does it make you feel?
How do you connect to it?
Is the theme or subject relevant in our society today? What can we learn about them?
All these sections must be addressed in your initial post.
In your responses to your peer’s post address the following:
Do you see the elements & principles that they listed?
Can you see any other that they did not?
What does their piece communicate to you (do you see what they see, or something different?)
Does their piece make you connect to it in anyway?
Respond on the minimum of two different peer threads.
From the research you did on your piece, make sure to cite both in-text and at the bottom of the post properly in either APA or MLA formatting.
Use terms and concepts from the unit, also found within this sections folder.

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