What is his claim? His support? His warrant?

1. In one well-developed paragraph (150-200 words), explain how elements of logos, pathos, and ethos present themselves in Zizek’s talk. You can also discuss telos and kairos. To establish ethos, you will need to do some independent research on Zizek and his career. Use this page from Purdue OWL to help you. (Links to an external site.)
2. In one brief paragraph (75-100 words), apply the Toulmin method (Links to an external site.) to Zizek’s talk. What is his claim? His support? His warrant?
3. In your second brief paragraph (75-100 words) explain how you might offer a Rogerian argument (Links to an external site.) to Zizek’s talk. What compromises would or could you offer?
4. In about a healthy paragraph (150-200 words) , respond to Zizek’s theories. How do your thoughts and actions relate to his ideas? Did Zizek make you see cultural capitalism differently from before? Will your actions change based on his talk?
-ensure each question is answered with informative analysis and opinion.

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