research a DSM 5 disorder of your own choosing from the remaining categories that have not been previously covered in this course.

Throughout this course you were introduced to different categories of mental illness and related disorders. You have researched disorders in terms of symptoms, age of onset, prevalence, etiology, social considerations, and assessment and treatment options. Your Final Project will follow this same formatting as you research a DSM 5 disorder of your own choosing from the remaining categories that have not been previously covered in this course.
Your research topic must be different from the topics covered throughout the course and must be a category found within the DSM 5.
Your Final Project will differ from your other Apply Assignments in that you will create and record a verbal presentation instead of composing a written assignment. Your Final Project should be recorded in the Zoom Room and a copy of the MP4 saved to your computer for upload to your course facilitator and to your fellow learners.
Your presentation will need to include a visual component. Consider utilizing a PowerPoint presentation with images and videos. The minimum time requirement for your presentation is 10 to 15 minutes. You may utilize longer if needed.
You will need to research enough information to become an expert on the disorder you choose. You should be able to explain topics related to the clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the disorder.
You will need to find a minimum of five resources that provide information pertaining to the disorder you choose. Your research should include a detailed descriiption of the symptoms, age of onset, etiology (cause), prevalence and any other social considerations. Be sure to include assessment methods and evidence-based treatment options available to treat the disorder you choose. Make note of any co-occurring disorders associated with the disorder as well.
After completing your initial research, locate a case example of an individual who lives with the disorder on a daily basis. You may want to include video of a case example in your presentation. Take note of any commonly held struggles or obstacles the individual experiences in daily life due to the disorder. Be sure to describe this case example in your presentation using your own words, giving credit to the author. After summarizing the case example, discuss any specifics that would be important to assess in an interview with this individual. Then, describe which treatment protocol (based on your research) that you would recommend for the individual. Be sure to include rationale as to why you chose the specific protocol you chose.
Be sure to include a Reference page and APA citations within your presentation, just as you would in a written assignment. Your presentation should be a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes in length and include at least five resources.
Once you have finished recording your assignment, submit the MP4 to your instructor via the course assignment, saved in the following format: LastNameFirstName_FinalProject
Then submit a copy of your presentation to your fellow learners via a message within the course. At the end of the course, you will have multiple presentations to review for more information regarding additional disorders not covered in the course. Direct any questions you have with your Final Project to your course facilitator.

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