Describe how the specific archetypes represented in each work reflect the representations of women in your theme.

The theme Picked is GENDER FLUIDITY
You will create a virtual museum exhibit. You will select a theme that is presented in the course and identify four works within that theme. As you analyze each
work, you will consider the role of women in society during the different times of the works, how women or the female gender was portrayed, and how
historical, social, and cultural context influenced works of art from different time periods. Your exhibit can be in the form of a Microsoft Word document or a
PowerPoint file. Include a title slide, an introduction slide, and a body descriiption of each work on 1–2 pages or 2–3 slides, as well as a conclusion on its own
page or slide, followed by your bibliography.
Each work you select should coincide with the time periods discussed in the course and represent a wide range from prehistoric to more modern time periods.
You will need to select at least one work that shows the progression of gender fluidity within your theme and be able to identify societal factors that influenced
that progression. Present your work chronologically within your exhibition. Represent a diversity of media from among the following: sculpture, painting, stained
glass, manuscriipt illumination, decorative art, and architecture. At least two of your selected works should be from sources other than the textbook.
Museum sources where you can find works of art include the following:
 National Museum of Women in the Arts
 The Louvre Museum
 The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY
 Museum of Modern Art, NY
 National Gallery, London
 Museum of Fine Art, Boston
 Brooklyn Museum
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Introduction: This would be the text panel on the wall that is visible before people enter an exhibition in an art show. Identify your theme, the four
works you will discuss, and the relationship between your works within the theme. Provide examples of social, historical, and cultural context that
connect your selected works within your theme.
II. Body: In this section, you will include an image of each of your works and a descriiption below each work that includes all of the critical elements in this
section. Your works should be presented in chronological order. Be sure to address each element for each work. You will be assessed on each element
comprehensively among your four descriiptions.
A. Include an embedded image and the full image citation for each work.
B. Describe how each work fits into its historical period. Include examples of historical and cultural context that impacted each work in your
descriiption.C. Determine how the role of women in society at the time of the work is reflected in each work. Consider if women had the same opportunities as
men or if they were background figures at the time of each work.
D. Determine if each work has aspects of a gender binary or gender fluidity, and provide examples of societal factors that lead to the gender binary
or fluidity present in each work.
E. Explain how the gender of the artist impacts the overall interpretation of each work. If the work was created by a female artist, were she and
her work accepted by her male contemporaries? If the work was created by a male artist, what does his work say about how he perceived
women in society?
F. Describe how the specific archetypes represented in each work reflect the representations of women in your theme.
G. Describe the characteristics that are influential in the interpretation of each work. Consider symbolism, iconography, and the message the
characteristics bring to the work.
H. Describe the role of the medium used in your overall interpretation of each work. What significance does the material that was used bring to
each work? Consider how color and composition impact the meaning of the work. How does the medium support the message that each work
has about women?
III. Conclusion: This represents the text panel on the wall that you would see when leaving an exhibition. In this blurb, you will describe what you want the
visitors to take away from the exhibit. Consider the four works that you have analyzed as you put together your conclusion.
A. Compare the differences in the male representations of women and the female representations of women in your selected works. Provide
examples from your selected works to support your comparison.
B. Examine how gender fluidity came to be throughout your theme and selected works.
C. Determine overall influential factors on gender fluidity present in your theme, citing specific examples from your selected works to support your
D. Analyze how characteristics, including iconography, contributed to the perception of women in the theme, providing examples to support your
E. Determine how the role of the female gender in society has changed over time in your theme.. Use examples from your selected works to justify
your determination. Consider the differences in the representations of women from different time periods.

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