Critically analyse the SCALE business model.

You are requested to answer the 5 questions below. All questions are mandatory.
1. Critically analyse the SCALE business model. After collecting information about the case, use the appropriate frameworks provided by the “E- commerce and E- business” module to describe the rationale of how the SCALE organisation creates, delivers and captures its value. (20 points)
2. Identify and discuss the business models and brands that combine service and product in the country where you attend the course and their likely impact on the market. Identify 3 similar brands which give service and products together, analyse their business model, examine their competitive advantages and use the SWOT and positioning GAP model to display the results of your comparative analysis. What are the key elements (Unique selling propositions) of SCALE successful business strategy? (20 points)
3. In your opinion, is SCALE a sustainable business model? How does the firm’s model relate to the concept of Circular economy and what are its advantages in the case of SCALE. Please explain demonstrating critical understanding and capability to use course material and evaluate, analyse and reflect on key issues. (20 points)
4. SCALE represents an example of making a positive impact on people’s lives, it is essential to take a 360-degree approach. This approach includes creating brands that offer effective, high-quality products along with trustworthy, cutting-edge health, wellness, and fitness-related content and tools that support and empower people to make the right health decisions while also helping to raise the standards of public health. Please research different companies offering services using a similar model and compare their business models, explaining similarities and common success factors. (20 points)
5. SCALE represents an example of a company that creates value by providing customers with website design, business model and benefits to create competitive advantage, attract newcomers and increase the number of customers. Please write/design the content of the opening page of the website and enable the visitors to understand what is in it for them. (20 points).

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