Create a job descriiption for the Customer Service Supervisor position mentioned above for a service-related company of your choice.

To understand what jobs we are best suited for by conducting a personal inventory of strengths and weaknesses.
Imagine that you are a local employer who is looking to hire someone for the position of Customer Service Supervisor that eventually will lead to a manager’s position. The ideal candidate will have specific qualifications and personality traits. You will need to create a job descriiption to post for this position and then review the qualifications of applicants.
This project has multiple parts that have been separated below for ease of understanding:
Create a job descriiption for the Customer Service Supervisor position mentioned above for a service-related company of your choice. Be sure to include a position descriiption with job details and requirements.
Next, recall the results of the personality test that you took in Module 4 Discussion. If you do not have access to your results, please take the quiz again at 16 Personalities.
Based on the results of the quiz, create a personality SWOT analysis. Be sure to clearly explain your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for growth, and threats.
Compare your quiz results and the SWOT analysis with the characteristics described in the textbook.
Based on your findings, write a cover letter to the hiring manager for the Customer Service Supervisor position. In your cover letter, clearly explain what experience and traits you possess that make you an ideal candidate for the opened position.
Finally, reflect on the topics presented in this course. Identify at least three things that you learned about customer service, personality, or culture and explain how that will help you succeed at a current or future job.
Submission Requirements:
This 8-10-page paper must be submitted to D2L in MS word format. It is due in its entirety on the date specified by your instructor. Be sure to cite properly your references.
All papers and presentations must observe APA formatting, be properly cited and include a cover page and reference page. NOTE: Your project will be checked for originality. Please do not plagiarize!

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