Compare ukiyo-e prints with the print media of today.

Discussion Essay 2
Japanese Ukiyo-e Prints. The Printmaker’s Workshop (Fig. 3.14) is an example of a Japanese ukiyo-e print. Other examples are included throughout the text. Ukiyo-e are prints of the “floating world,” and are associated with images of urban culture and fleeting pleasures, such as the entertainment district, theatre, actors, landscapes, and occasionally shunga, which were sexually explicit prints. These prints were originally just black, but the 18th-century artist Suzuki Harunobu was influential in making multicolor prints popular, called nishiki-e. The Printmaker’s Workshop illustrates the process of creating these multicolor prints. Compare other Japanese ukiyo-e prints by artists such as Hiroshige, Hokusai, Utamaro, and Harunobu. These ukiyo-e prints are similar to how magazines and television programs depict celebrity and pop culture today. Compare ukiyo-e prints with the print media of today.
To earn the full ten points, your essay should be submitted on time, approximately 300-350 words long, and relevant to the topic. Responses are to be written in grammatically correct, traditional English—not as text messages.

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