Choose two of the approaches/concepts from this module (OTHER than movie/cinematherapy)

In this Module, I have included links in Moodle for movies that are free to access and watch online (on YouTube). I have tried to select movies that have positive endings and reflect many of the human characteristics and issues that most people can relate to. Or, if you do would rather, you may select and watch a movie of your choice.
[I have also included a link in Moodle of a list of movie titles that could be used with a variety of counseling issues.]
For this Module’s Journal assignment, please do the following:
Part One:
A) After watching your movie from the Forum assignment, choose 5 questions from any of the lists in the Moodle resources and answer those questions here thoroughly, as though you are the client, having been assigned to watch the movie and then these questions as part of your therapy.
B) Choose two of the approaches/concepts from this module (OTHER than movie/cinematherapy) and discuss how useful/valuable you feel they would be in working with clients in counseling, and why (5-7 sentence minimum).
Part Two
Design an activity that you could use with your clients/group that would incorporate any of the concepts/approaches in this module to help your clients. Be as creative as you like! You may use ideas from any of the activities we have done this semester, feel free to search the web or other resources, or develop an activity that is completely original.
You may upload a video, a picture, or simply discuss in this journal to demonstrate how you would conduct this activity and what you would hope for your group/clients to achieve through this activity. [Have fun with this–it can be something very simple and does not have to be elaborate at all!]

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