What would you like to know from church leaders?

Unit 6 Missional Engagement Plan (Mastery Assignment)
For this final mastery assignment imagine that you are a freelance consultant for churches. A church has hired you to look at their setting and create a structured plan for their congregation to engage in missional practices. Your plan must implement the missional theories learned from this course (incorporating ideas from Hauerwas, Niebuhr, Newbigin, Hunter, and the Ott book). In addition, take into consideration the context of the church itself. You may select whatever church type/denomination. You may choose a church that you are already familiar, or one that is representative of the kind of church with which you hope to serve in the future. Perhaps you know of a real-life church that would be willing to allow you to create this plan and interview its leaders. The purpose of this mastery assignment is for you to produce a solid framework of a plan that can be used in your current or future ministry setting.
Include the following in your Missional Engagement Plan:
• The church and its setting:
o Demographics – The average age, family compositions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, socio-economic statuses, educational levels, etc. What other important details define the kind of congregation the church serves?
o Context – What is the geographical vicinity of the church? What is the denominational affiliation of the church? Are there any particular cultural details that need to be considered? Also describe the size and typical attendance patterns of its membership.
o Resources – What kind of resources does the church have? What is the church staff composition? What are the financial resources, volunteer resources, or facility resources already available?
o What impact does all this setting information have on the plan?
• Questions to ask church leaders:
o What would you like to know from church leaders? What would help you to know more about their hopes for missions in their church? What would they specifically like to see incorporated in their church as a result of the plan?
• The theological understanding of the missional approach that fits with that church’s particular context and setting:
o Utilize course readings and at least five additional scholarly sources with proper APA citations.
• Recommendations for specific actions the church should take to embrace the theological approach you describe.:
o What programs should the church pursue (i.e. food pantries, overseas mission trips, preschools, Alcoholics Anonymous groups, senior citizen lunches, men’s Bible study breakfasts, involvement in nonprofits, etc.)?
o Are there programs the church should stop supporting (such as the same examples listed above)?
o Explain how your plan takes into consideration the setting, context, theological framework, and resources of the church.
Your plan must have a clear introduction (with a clear purpose statement) and conclusion. It must be written and laid out professionally as though it will be submitted directly to the church leader who will read the recommendations to a church assembly meeting. Give your plan an effective title that provides the instructor (and the church leader) with a sense of the main subject matter of the plan.
Support your Missional Engagement Plan with at least five scholarly sources outside of the required course materials. Include scriiptural support where applicable and needed.

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