Looking at the list as a whole, how commonly do you use passive voice?

Locate three documents you have recently written for work. Emails, memos, letters, and reports are all acceptable for this assignment. If you are not currently working, you may use school documents that you have recently written, such as emails, application letters, essays, etc.
Then, review the section “Build with Action Verbs” (Canavor, 2019, pp. 79-82). View the LinkedIn Learning course, “Writing with Impact.” Go through each document one-by-one. Highlight all the verbs.
Copy-and-paste the following questions to a new Word document. Write your answers immediately below each question:
Copy-and-paste all the verbs you highlighted in the three documents into one long list.
Looking at the list as a whole, how commonly do you use passive voice?
Looking at the list as a whole, how commonly do you use present tense or simple past tense?
Looking at the list as a whole, how active are your verbs? In other words, do you use weak verbs or include unnecessarily wordiness in your writing?
Looking at the list as a whole, what other trends do you notice in your verb usage? What recommendations do you think Canavor would provide to you to improve this aspect of your writing?
Once you have completed your analysis, do the following:
Select one of the three documents you analyzed to revise. Revise this document so that it more closely adheres to the best practices outlined in Chapter 4.
What to Submit:
A .docx containing a copy of the above questions and your corresponding answers.
A copy of the three documents you analyzed. Be sure to submit the versions that include the highlighted verbs.
A copy of your revised document (label file as “Last Name_MC3_Revised”).

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