How did enslaved Africans in Jamaica exercise their historical agency?

Answer the following prompt in essay format. Your essay should be 3.5-5 pages (Times 12 pt font, 1 inch margins).
Your answer should synthesize (bring together) the essays by Hartman and Mbembe and analytical concepts explored in lecture, toward a discussion of Vincent Brown’s The Reaper’s Garden. Vincent Brown’s book should be at the center/core of your essay.
In the beginning of his historical monograph, The Reaper’s Garden, Vincent Brown explains his struggle to use written records of colonists and slaveholders to “discern the actions, meanings, and motivations of the enslaved,” (p10). Brown searches the archives of transatlantic slavery to write a history that centers the historical agency of enslaved Africans in Jamaica as they navigated the death worlds wrought by British imperialism.
How did enslaved Africans in Jamaica exercise their historical agency? Give three specific examples from three different chapters of Vincent Brown’s monograph. Describe each example with historical specificity and in relation to its immediate and broader historical context, and explaining where each example appears in the context of Brown’s text. In at least one of your examples, show how the agency of spirits and the agency of persons intertwined or came together. In at least one of your examples, make sure you identify the historical source or sources that Brown relies upon (the specific document or the type of document and if possible what archive it is from– use the footnotes for this purpose). Your essay must apply at least one of the critical terms, ideas, or analytics that we have used in this class (remember, your term must be well defined).

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