xamine the power position of the author, whose point of view is the social data?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a history question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Purpose: to hone writing skills; to help all students learn to articulate ideas based on evidence cited from readings.Write the 5 body paragraphs of your Sources of Evidence Paper and add it to your intro paragraph (Rubric below)Each body paragraph will be about your 5 documents: a chronicle, official correspondence, legal code, judicial court records or litigation, local source (in that order). Think like an Ethnohistorian; in each paragraph give examples of 3 things about each document:Accessibility of original – many facsimiles? old? Not archived? Difficult to find?…
Why it is harder or easier to use than another category – original language is? Easier to interpret? Good copies? Hard to read the original script?…
Examine the power position of the author, whose point of view is the social data? What kind of information about indigenous/afromexican/women and working people are you getting from the document? Are we only getting elite (people with power and influence) point of view about regular people?
And 6 quick peer reviews, help out our familia! At this stage of Paper it is most helpful to say:do citations support the arguments?
do citations describe what the document is (as opposed to just “primary source” or the “title” of source in the textbooks,because we often have to dig into the footnotes or the explanatory preface to get that context)
do citations say who actually wrote it (as opposed to who the source is about)
Requirements: 5 pages

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