why is this event important to your understanding of yourself, others, and/or community?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english writing question and need support to help me learn.Please write a 2-3 page essay that vividly describes and explicates how a significant event has affected your life in terms of identity or community. This essay is to capture a singular event (within less than 24 hour time period), that carried significance for you.You are building on “showing” the reader the descriptive language to carry a clear narrative, (avoid telling, and instead SHOW us what happened). Draw on SMG chapter 2 to develop rising action, climax, falling action. Read samples from the chapter and think critically about a moment you want to share.Consider the following when preparing your essay:First and foremost, why is this event important to your understanding of yourself, others, and/or community?
Focus on providing careful and thoughtful description to your reader. Make the reader see the experience in the same way you do by selecting and relating important details within a clear narrative structure with appropriate and meaningful transitions.
Organize your essay in a way that is both understandable and interesting to another reader, and present a focused main point, not a trite cliché or pat “moral to the story.”
Give a close up view of your event and not a generalized impression
Communicate the significance of your event by directly telling the reader and showing with your evidence
Some topic ideas:A time when you became aware of injustice, selflessness, heroism, sexism, racism
An event that shaped you in a particular way or revealed an aspect of your personality you had not seen before, such as your independence, insecurity, or ambitiousness
An incident that made you reexamine one of your basic values or beliefs
An incident that made you feel the need to identify yourself with a particular community
Requirements:MLA format
12- Pt Times New Roman
Double spaced
1 inch margins
Requirements: 2-3 pages

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