What unique contribution does this study make to the field of health psychology?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.For this activity please select a research article that focuses on some element of positive psychology or stress. Please select one of the research article options below to use for this assignment. Step 1. Summarize the research article in your own words. Be sure to include a synopsis of previous literature, hypotheses of the study being summarized, sampling procedures and sample characteristics, measures, data analysis, results, conclusions, and limitations.Step 2. Identify the type of study discussed in the article ( e.g., experimental, correlational, longitudinal, survey) and explain why you define it as such. What unique contribution does this study make to the field of health psychology? What are the implications of the study for practicing health psychologists?Step 3. Personal reaction: Did you feel that the study discussed in the research article did what it set out to do? Very briefly propose an idea for a follow-up to this study that could expand our knowledge and intervention in this area. This assignment should be 3-5 pages, APA style.
Requirements: 3-5 Pages

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