What set of steps should be used to create the code of conduct?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business question and need guidance to help me learn.Theresa and Mike fully support creating a code of conduct for the merged organization. They have asked you to recommend how they should approach the development of the code of conduct, especially given the need to merge the companies into one team with a shared mission, vision, and values. They are interested in knowing how the code of conduct will help establish the new organizational culture.Review the scenario below , and prepare a 500–700-word executive report that includes the following:What set of steps should be used to create the code of conduct?
What should be included in the code of conduct?
What impact does a code of conduct have on an organization’s culture?
Note: All character and company names are fictional and are not intended to
depict any actual person or business.
Knowing that mergers may require a dramatic change in company culture,
you realize that you need to meet with the human resources (HR) and
leadership teams because they will play important roles in the merger. The
leadership team will drive the change, and the HR team will be charged with
managing the change. You have scheduled a meeting with Steve Maine, your
vice president at ALTAP consulting, to consult with him on this project.
“Thanks for meeting me today, Steve,” you begin. “I need to talk through
some of the issues before meeting with the HR and leadership teams at
UWEAR and PALEDENIM. The merger is going well, but it is becoming
apparent that there are some significant change issues that need to be
“I’ve heard good things about your work on this project,” Steve answers. “I’m
sure you have it under control, but I’ll be happy to help where I can.”
“We are dealing with the issues of joining together two very disparate
companies,” you explain. “On the one hand, UWEAR is public and has 100
employees; on the other hand, PALEDENIM is private with only 15
employees. They basically provide the same type of service, but they are
completely different businesses in how they operate inside and outside of the
You continue, “Yes, and both the employees and managers of each company
have different philosophies and expectations. PALEDENIM employees and
managers have a kind of ‘one-for-all and all-for-one’ attitude. They all chip in
to get the job done. The UWEAR employees and managers look at things
differently. They’re more apt to do their jobs, get them done, and go home
without consideration for what else the rest of the team needs to complete.”
“That is definitely a culture issue,” Steve agrees. “In fact, that is the classic
definition of a culture issue. I’m sure they’re also dealing with the typical
power struggles. I bet everyone is worried about whether their department
will be headed by a UWEAR manager or a PALEDENIM manager.”
Problem B: Regulatory Compliance
“Exactly,” you say. “I know the intention of the merger is to benefit both
companies, but there are unintended consequences as well. We need to do
whatever we can to help the employees of both companies get through this
with the fewest glitches possible.”
Requirements: 500-700

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