What might account for these continuities and these changes?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing report and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Read & View: The Native American Revival that Could Change the World (Links to an external site.) (625 words and 3:16 minutes video)View: American Indian Religious Freedom Act 40th Anniversary: August 11, 2018 (Links to an external site.) (2:18 minutes)Read: American Indian holy man fights for seized feathers (Links to an external site.) (970 words)Write: In 2-3 pages, use these media sources (and concepts and details from your readings, classwork, and Packback) to discuss:How does insight into indigenous American Indian religions (Unit 1) and the religious history of colonization (Brodd et al & lectures) help us understand these and similar news events or cultural artifacts (Packback)?
How do these sources demonstrate the ways have Euro-American and Native American interactions about religion either continued from the past and/or changed over time?
What might account for these continuities and these changes?
TIP 1: Consider using a talk-to-text app to brainstorm or write your first draft. Be sure to revise and edit that first draft.TIP 2: Remember to look-up your discipline’s preferred format for citing a video in the outline and listing a video in the Works Cited section.TIP 3: An example for listing a lecture in the Works Cited (Chicago Style):Last Name, First Name. “Presentation title.” Presentation Type, Event from Sponsor, City, Date Conducted.=> Johnston, Isobel-Marie. “Lecture Title.: Religion 321: Religions in America, Arizona State University, Date of class.RubricRUBRIC FOR OUTLINESRUBRIC FOR OUTLINESCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeMECHANICS: THESIS STATEMENT15 to >13.5 ptsAThe thesis is clearly written. The thesis provides an overall answer that suggests connections between all parts of the prompt. The thesis provides a general sense of how the rest of the essay will be organized.13.5 to >12.0 ptsBThe thesis is clearly written, responses to the major aspects of the prompt. But, it EITHER does not clearly show how the parts of the prompt work together in this argument. -OR- does not provide a sense of how the rest of the essay will be organized.12 to >10.5 ptsCThe thesis is not clearly written: It may be vague, overgeneralizes and/or leaves out major parts of the prompt AND does not provide a sense of the organization OR does not match the rest of the outline.10.5 to >9.0 ptsDThe thesis does not speak to the assignment’s prompt. The thesis does not suggest any organization for the essay.9 to >0 ptsEThere is no thesis statement.15 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeMECHANICS: ORGANIZATION10 to >9.0 ptsAThere is a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. The sections of the outline flow together logically and clearly explain some aspect of the thesis. Effective use of transitional words and phrases.9 to >8.0 ptsBThere is a clear introduction, body, and conclusion; but, There are some issues with: the logical flow between paragraphs, lack of sustained connection to the thesis. Transitional words and phrases needs more consistency or effective word choice.8 to >7.0 ptsCEither the introduction or conclusion are weak. The paragraphs may feel disconnected from each other or from the thesis due to lack of transitions or signal wording. The conclusion is abrupt.7 to >6.0 ptsDMissing either an introduction or conclusion. There is no clear connection between paragraphs and/or the paragraphs discuss a topic very different from that stated in the thesis. Transitional wording is fully absent.6 to >0 ptsELacks any clear organization.10 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeASSIGNMENT: ENGAGEMENT WITH THE COURSE MATERIALS15 to >13.5 ptsA The selection of specifics from the course materials are relevant and helpful to the writer’s argument. • The writer’s use of the course materials shows an in-depth understanding of the materials. • The writing brings forward complexities of the issues in the prompt.
13.5 to >12.0 ptsB The argument would have benefited from more specifics from the course material. • The writer’s use of the course materials shows a solid grasp of the materials. • The outline suggests complexities of issues in the prompt but does not discuss them explicitly.
12 to >10.5 ptsC A few references to the course materials are made but they are either not clearly relevant or helpful. • The writer’s use of the course materials shows a sense of the overall lessons, may show uncertainly, lack of confidence, or errors. • The writing stays at the surface level without complexities.
10.5 to >9.0 ptsD Minimal references to the course material. • References are either not clearly relevant to the argument or from an source outside the class. • The writer’s use of the course materials shows misunderstanding or suggests that the readings were not read (could have been written without taking this class).
9 to >0 ptsENo references to the course materials.15 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeMECHANICS: CITATIONS10 to >9.0 ptsACourse materials are clearly cited and consistently formatted in the essay and in the works cited section.9 to >8.0 ptsBCourse materials are clearly cited but not consistently formatted in the essay OR in the Works Cited section.8 to >7.0 ptsCCourse materials are consistently cited but not consistently formatted in the essay AND in the Works Cited section.7 to >6.0 ptsDSeveral references to course materials are not cited, formatting incorrect, or missing either citations or Works Cited.6 to >0 ptsENo citations or Work Cited.10 ptsbook:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EzI2vl4HKQRDUWwp9…
other sources
Doctrine of Discovery –
Encyclopedia Britannica (Links to an external site.)
The Catholic Dictionary
(Links to an external site.https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Z2cL26SCOD…
Romanus Pontifex (Links to an external site.) (1455)
Inter Caetera (Links to an external site.) (1493)
Treaty of Tordesillas (Links to an external site.) (1494)
Sublimus Dei (Links to an external site.) (1537)
Requirements: as in the instruction

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