What is the significance of Sophia suffering from a terminal decease?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a literature multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Answer each question with 80.Question 1 : Was all same-sex relations looked down upon in Chinese culture and is it still looked down upon todayQuestion 2: Although Miss Sophia was written as an anti-feudal fighter, her resistance road was not smooth and thorny. Why did Ding Ling chose to write in this way?3. According to Sang, why was “intimacy between female friends was not recognized (in the journal Měiyú) as love of the same magnitude as male-male erotic love”?4. According to Sang, why did female same-sex love generate such an “unprecedented debate” during the May Fourth era?5. in ”Diary of Miss Sophia,” what are Sophia’s main objections to Wěidì and Líng Jíshì? Why doesn’t she love either one of them?6. What is the significance of Sophia suffering from a terminal decease? What could have motivated Dīng Líng to make her protagonist a sick person?7. What complex ethical dilemma is Yúnluǒ (Juliet) dealing with in the story “Once Upon A Time”?
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