What is Pop Culture?

Please use the reading from the link below to relate to the topic and reference in the writing.

Mill, John Stuart

The Philosophy and Pop Culture Posts/Replies are designed to assess your understanding of the concepts in the unit by applying your understanding in the posts and replies.
Philosophy and Pop Culture (PPC) Posts/Replies
The Philosophy and Pop Culture posts/replies demonstrate your understanding by picking out appropriate pop culture examples of the key ideas and accurately explaining those ideas. The process of posting and replying will also help you to deepen your understanding of the ideas and how they can influence the pop culture (and vice versa). Hopefully it will also be fun.
Your PPC Main Post:
Find an instance from popular culture that illustrates one of the key ideas discussed in the unit.
In your post, briefly explain the idea from the unit and how the popular culture referenced illustrates the idea.
Pop Culture Instance:
What is Pop Culture?
Pop Culture in the context of this class refers to well-known and popular created products of the contemporary culture (primarily, though not necessarily, US culture). This includes works of fiction/entertainment such as movies, TV shows, novels, music, graphic novels, video games, comics, and the like.
What it is not: current events, popular trends, new stories, or historical events. Almost anything non-fiction will not be appropriate for this assignment.
The idea is to pull from cultural products that are popular and familiar to many in our culture. So it shouldn’t be too obscure or so esoteric that only a few people might recognize it (for example, a 16th century Mongolian poem).
Good Pop Culture examples:
an episode from a TV show (“The Rains of Castamere” from Game of Thrones),
a novel (Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone),
graphic novel (The Sandman),
movie (Bladerunner),
song lyrics/music videos (“Happy” by Pharrell Williams)
comic strip (Calvin & Hobbes), or
computer games (Minecraft).
Not acceptable examples:
A news report about a current event (e.g. the U.S. presidential debates, or an incident of racism or antisemitism on a college campus).
Discussion of some widespread trend (e.g. Millennials and college debt; athletes kneeling for anthem).
A historical event (e.g. Martin Luther King’s “I Have Dream” speech).
The Bible or any set of scriiptures regarded by a religious group or culture as holy or sacred should not be used.
Pop culture and current events/trends are not equivalent. Most current event/trends topics can be tied to some pop culture product (for example, a Saturday Night Live skit that parodies the event). If you want to use a current event/trend, you must use a pop culture product that references this current event/trend.
The Key Idea from the Unit:
This should be pulled from the assigned readings for the week. It doesn’t have to be the main idea or one that I spend a lot of time focusing on in the lectures, but it should be one of the important or consequential ideas in the reading.
Post as text (not as attachment).
The board for the unit will open alongside the reading quiz for the unit.
Length: in the range of 300-500 words. It should only as long as needed to show you understand the idea, can explain the reference, and how the idea is illustrated. If it is too short, you won’t be able to demonstrate this. If it is too long, other students won’t read it.
Exceptionally short or long posts will not earn any points.
Posts that do not use an acceptable pop culture instance may not earn any points.
Late posts will not earn any points.
Plagiarism or other forms of academic conduct will not be tolerated and could result in a failing grade for the course. Use the informal citation guide.
All your posts and replies should be charitable to those who disagree with you and be written in a civil, polite tone — following good rules of online etiquette.
You may not use as the pop culture work an example used by the instructor in the video lectures.
Main Post Grading (15 points possible):
5 pts: Adequate explanation of the popular culture reference:
The reference is a pop culture product or instance according to assignment descriiption of a pop culture instance.
The explanation of the reference is clear and concise.
The explanation of how the reference illustrates the idea shows satisfactory understanding of the idea.
5 pts: Adequate explanation of the unit’s idea:
The explanation of the unit idea is clear and concise.
The post accurately represents the idea.
The explanation shows satisfactory understanding of the key idea.
5 pts: Mechanics:
1pts: Appropriate grammar, spelling, and organization.
2pts: Length is appropriate.
2pts: Use of informal citation guide

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