What have you heard about this topic that prompted your interest in it?

Critical Analysis Process Questionnaire
What information we are exposed to and how we process it are hugely important in making correct decisions and reaching informed conclusions. The first step in learning about reasoning and critical analysis is to reflect on and become more aware of how and where your existing beliefs make have come from. Reflect back on your own experience to answer the following questions concerning your topic.
Describe your topic in one sentence? (be specific and narrow down)
Why did you select this topic?
What have you heard about this topic that prompted your interest in it?
How much time have you invested in formally researching this topic before?
What do you intend to prove, or argue with support in your paper?
Clearly state the argument and counter argument you will contrast in your paper.
How can you prove or support your argument in the best way possible?
What social and cultural influences may have influenced your point-of-view about this topic?
Do you have a pre-disposition toward this topic already? (i.e. existing attitudes, beliefs, opinions?) If so, state that belief in one sentence.
If you have an existing point-of-view on your topic, how did you reach the conclusion that you already have?
What people may have influenced your opinion of this subject?
What experience do you have in connection with this topic?
Have you ever studied the best arguments on all sides of this issue?
What may be the strongest part of one side of the argument?
What is the strongest part of the other side of argument?
Are you making an objective or subjective claim on your topic?
Are you making a deductive or inductive argument?
Critical Analysis Documentation
What process will you follow in finding the most reliable and accurate sources of information for your essay?
Why is it critical to locate and cite the most reliable information available on your topic?
Generally, what are some characteristics of the most reliable sources?
Identify two fallacies or rhetorical devices that you found in researching your topic. Briefly explain which fallacies they are and cite where they came from?
Locate at least five potential sources for your research paper and answer the following questions for each:
Cite the source in APA format.
What is the date of this research?
Who wrote this information?
What are their background, profession, and qualifications?
What type of source is this? (Academic, media, general, open source, other)

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