What happens to Venture’s father and why?

Summarize the material from the Module 6 lectures and PowerPoints (at least 5 complete sentences.)
Read the Venture Smith Slavery Account and answer the following questions (no need to summarize the readings; just answer the questions):
For the Venture Smith Slavery Account:
According to the text, what was Venture Smith’s life like before he became a slave, and what kind of family did he belong to?
What happens to Venture’s father and why?
According to the text, a man named “Baukurre” (a native African, not a European) led an army of 6,000 men. This group captured and enslaved Venture and other tribespeople during the march to the sea to be sold. Before reaching the sea, though, the “enemies” or captors are attacked by a set of local people, who take Venture and the others to a European slave market. Based on this reading, what role do the Europeans play in the slave trade? And what role do the Africans play in it?
Do you have any remaining questions about either of the readings or is anything still unclear to you? If so, please share them here.
Connect: How does the material from this week relate to something else you already know about? This can be current events, somewhere you’ve traveled, a movie you’ve seen, a book you’ve read, content from another class, etc. (at least 2 complete sentences).
Note: Your response MUST be specific and will NOT receive credit if you simply state that you have learned about this topic in previous history classes.

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