summarize and review thesevarious taxonomic systems.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Over the years Taxonomists have used a number of approaches totry and classify the forms of life on this planet. Especially theunicellular and unusual forms. There was the two kingdom system,the 5 kingdom system (with Kingdom Monera), the 3 domain system(that we are using in our class) and many other systems over thecenturies and some that are quite new and not yet universallyadopted. For your paper: research, summarize and review thesevarious taxonomic systems. Note why each system was proposed;how it was meant to improve on a previous system and what criteriawere/are used to organize the various forms of life. Finally afterreviewing all the various approaches taken over the years suggest asystem of your own. What criteria would you take from theapproaches you review, both past and present, to create a moreperfect future system. There is no wrong answer, but there are wellthought out answers and not so well thought out answers.Students always ask “how long should my paper be?” Science isnot confined to a number of words. The right number of words arethe number it takes to concisely present your argument. No moreand no less. You will be using a variety of resources in yourresearch of the various classification systems, I will show you inclass how references are cited in scientific papers. I do not expectthat any of you will engage in plagiarism. Those who do will begraded harshly. Please submit your paper electronically via email.Value: 100 pointsDue Date: February 24
Requirements: No length req

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