The way we present ourselves in any social setting can shape the initial impressions others form about us. We portray ourselves in the form we talk, walk, or even stand. Social perception is the study of how individuals make first impressions about others. Ways to help us transmit a good first impression at a job interview are our facial expressions. Facial expressions of emotion are a form of nonverbal communication. Although facial expressions can be interpreted in a variety of different ways, for the most part, we have six major emotions defined as cross-cultural. They are anger, happiness, surprise, fear, disgust, and sadness. The emotional expression of happiness can be used to our advantage as we greet our interviewer. Our book mentions the word “Thin-slicing” which in definition, is the act of drawing meaningful conclusions about another person’s personality or skills based on an extremely brief sample of behavior. In a limited amount of time, an individual can form a meaningful first impression about another. Going into an interview with your head held high and your shoulder lifted with confidence will give you a higher chance of getting hired. Not only will you leave a remarkable first impression but it will be meaningful and long-lasting. Maintaining good eye contact is essential because it is a sign of respect and a sign of interest. As your interviewer is speaking, it is important to place all of your attention on them. Another form of presenting yourself well in a work environment is having a great body posture. You cannot slouch or cross your hands around your torso, or show emotions of fear. Going to a new place or environment can be terrifying for a few individuals. That is why it is significant to practice, perhaps using a mirror and motivating yourself. You should also dress accordingly. Make sure to wear appropriate clothing that is presentable and professional. Entering an interview with a negative attitude would lower your chances of getting hired. A negative first impression will result in a negative first perception. Even if you tried to redeem yourself or ask for a second interview, it would probably be rejected. Belief perseverance is the idea of sticking with an initial judgment even if new information is present to an individual. Once your interviewer observes such an attitude they would completely form a negative view, even if they later find out you had outstanding grades while in college.

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