Provide a follow-up Participation Post in response to any of your classmate’s discussion post

Here is how points are allocated for your postings ::
Providing a substantive initial post to DQ 1 that is clearly expressed, engaging the DQ fully, revealing more than mere knowledge and comprehension, but showing advanced undergraduate level engagement through application, analysis, and evaluation (up to 4 points each DQ). Minimum 150 words each. (These original post must be posted as DQ1 Thursday at 1159PM.)
Interacting with the assigned/required weekly readings and lecture materials and making reference to one of more of them in your post (up to 3 points):
Provide a follow-up Participation Post in response to any of your classmate’s discussion post (you may respond to an original post or you may continue an existing discussion thread. Minimum 60 words (up to 3 points). Response must be something beyond “I agree…” It must offer a reflection on the post, provide a new thought or question, or do something to further the conversation. (May respond at any time, but this should be completed by Sunday 10/10 at 1159pm)
Grammar is important. Provide a post that is clearly expressed – present your arguments clearly using proper grammar and sentence structure, etc. Please edit your posts before submitting (up to 1 point will be deducted for poor grammar, punctuation, etc.)
I also need a reply for this
this is what the person said
I think that differences of opinion within a team is a good thing because it’s good to hear different viewpoints. Sometimes I don’t understand where people are coming from until they explain themselves. I personally think that I learn more and understand things better when people have a different opinion on me. The article on how to disagree without being disagreeable is a great read because you can disagree, but you don’t want to be disrespectful. I think one thing that I’ve learned that can’t happen from the article is to get personal. Personal attacks can lead to issues. Avoid using “you” statements is something that I found to be very useful. You are almost telling someone what to do when you use “you” statements. I have always struggled taking constructive criticisms, but I have learned over the years that people are going to criticize everything you do. The biggest tip from that article taking constructive criticism like a champ is to stop your first reaction. This will allow you to breath and stay calm, so you don’t say anything that you are going to regret. I understand that you need to be able to take feedback from other people without getting offended. You begin to gain more knowledge when you can just sit back and understand other peoples viewpoints.

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