How does the way the old man is treated connect with the way American society treats people viewed as the Other?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need support to help me learn.**Important: Please do not use outside sources for this assignment. Only use the text provided. The use of outside sources will result in a zero for the assignment**Please read The article that is located in the file below.Then, write a 400-500 word response on the following:The term the Other is important to understanding many different concepts in literature. Otherness is most commonly used in Post-Colonial theory, but it is used across philosophy, literary theory, sociology, anthropology, and other areas of study. At the most basic level, the Other is the opposite of the self, but is more commonly thought of in terms of group identity. Anyone who is viewed as foreign, different, resisting cultural norms, or refusing conformity, can be viewed as the Other. Studying the way people are Othered can help us understand our world and culture more effectively.In terms of literary theory, the concept of examining and analyzing Otherness enables us to understand power relationships, disenfranchisement, social and cultural norms, and even our own identities. Please answer each of the following in your 400-500 word response on “The Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez:One theme in The Very Old Man with Enormous Wings is the idea of the Other. Basically, the old man is a stranger or foreigner, and every interaction the old man has throughout the text is shaped by this difference. Explain, using multiple examples from the text, the ways that the old man is Othered.
How does the way the old man is treated connect with the way American society treats people viewed as the Other? Use specific examples from the text and specific examples from American society to explain these connections. [If you are not American, you may use your own country instead of the US.]
Requirements: 400- 500 words

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