How does each of these questions differ from a state prison vs. private prison?

In a public state prison system, the resources available are directly tied to the budget. This number includes staff salaries, inmate needs, and special programs. In this assignment, you will look at the budget your state has given its prison system. You will compare the public and private prisons to see how each budget compares to the other. You will also reflect on how the budget is used in each of these systems.
Research the budgets for the prison system that you have chosen.
How does each of these questions differ from a state prison vs. private prison? What percentage of the State’s budget goes toward the prisons and their populations. How much does it cost to house an inmate per year? What does the money go towards? Do the inmates have the opportunity to earn money while incarcerated? Do the facilities produce any goods that are sold on the open market? If so, what are they? What are the salaries of the employees? What are the salaries of the warden and his/her administrative staff?

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