How can we relate it to our lives now?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a literature presentation and need a sample draft to help me learn.Prepare a brief (about five minutes long) presentation in which you discuss material related to one ofthe topics covered in our class.For the presentation, give us an overview of the text at hand, and then discuss how you think the text relates to those of the other authors whose works we’ve been reading and how you think the text is important as an expression of the prevailing ideas of the time. A few questions to consider (though you’re not limited to these): What does the author seem to be attempting to accomplish? What can we learn from the text? How can we relate it to our lives now? How is this text similar to the other materials we’ve been discussing? What is unique about this particular text? Does the text fit well with other texts from the same period? What are the major points the author makes? Who are the characters involved (if any)Your presentation should be a sort of informal lecture, and I encourage you to involve the audience. Do not bring food or drink of any kind for the audience (doing so will lower your grade).When I grade your presentation, I’ll be looking at your preparedness, at how effectively you present the material, and at your source citation. Give your presentation a logical organization that clearly guides your audience, and make sure to do the following: Introduce yourselfDon’t start by saying, “I did my presentation on …” because you haven’t done your presentation yet! Discuss the material you’re presenting.Mention which sources you used (you’ll need at least one).Ask if the audience has questions, and answer as well as you’re able.Upload a single-page outline of the major ideas in your presentation to the “Presentation Handouts” thread in the discussion board of Canvas (making sure to cite your sources). These will become study sheets for the next test. Oh, and you lose a point or two if your handout is longer than a page. The date you present on your topic will depend on the topic itself. Remember that late presentations lose points, just like late papers.My topic is: On Being Cautioned Against Walking on an Headland Overlooking the Sea, Because It Was Frequented by a Lunatic BY CHARLOTTE SMITH
Requirements: 800-1000

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