Explain the influence of at least three factors?

This discussion is based on the assigned textbook reading from Lally & Valentine-French (2017) and unit presentations. Before contributing to the discussion, review the required reading and unit course activities. Initial posts are due prior to the end of day 4 and the discussions will conclude at 11:59pm (EST) 10:59pm (CST) on day 7.
Select ONE prompt from the list below for your initial response.
Please provide thorough and well-developed answers for your initial post. Be sure to support your postings with specific references to the assigned readings, as well as any other relevant scholarly research you find appropriate. Provide some examples from the required text and/or an external scholarly source. You may add information from your own experiences to complement the scholarly information presented. The best initial posts are a combination of personal experience with academic support.
Review the information regarding emerging adulthood. When did you feel that you transitioned into adulthood? Was there a specific event that occurred? Or do you feel you are still in the transitional phase? If so, what do you think will be the milestone that makes you feel more like an adult? (USLO 7.1)
Provide a complete explanation of the need and benefits for at least four health promoting behaviors for the early adulthood population. (USLO 7.2, 7.3)
What is emotional intelligence? Why might it be necessary to have a high level of emotional intelligence as a nurse? (USLO 7.4)
You have graduated from nursing school! Develop a plan for a successful transition to go from college student to full-time nurse based on the theories in the textbook and your own personal goals. (USLO 7.5)
Research shows that romantic relationship satisfaction is significantly influenced by early relationships within the family of origin. Describe how attachment styles in childhood influence relationships in early adulthood. Is this a cause-and-effect situation or is there room for other factors to change the nature of a person’s attachment style? (USLO 7.6, 7.7, 7.8)
Everyone parents their children a little differently. What factors influence how a person raises a child? Explain the influence of at least three factors? What do you expect your parenting style to be when you become a parent, or if you are a parent, which parenting style have you adapted? Why? (USLO 7.9)

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