Explain how public health problems are inherently complex and require complex, collaborative solutions.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a public health writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.SYNTHESIS PAPERS. (2 papers @ 15 points each = 30 points) To be completed by class members NOT PRESENTING on the theme of the module. Select one of the goals for this course (see Course Learner Outcomes 1-8) that seems particularly relevant to one of the public health problems or undertakings presented within the theme of the past three weeks. Then choose a comparable problem or undertaking addressed by any one of the other PUBHr courses or Selectives that you have taken. Compare, contrast and analyze the two situations in terms of the course goal you selected to examine for the assignment. The purpose of this assignment is to give you a chance to think back over your public health related courses in light of what you’ve learned over the previous three semesters about the many contexts and perspectives that influence the representation and resolution of public health issues. It is “synthetic” in that it asks you to bring together material that you have encountered at different times so that you can see some unity of thought across your years of study. NOTE: You will be writing two of these papers. Do not choose the same goal or the same issue from a previous course for both papers. Write a short paper (maximum 1,000 words) referring to the attached rubric for more details on how your Synthesis Papers will be graded. Submit your papers via SafeAssign on Blackboard. LEARNER OUTCOMES: By the end of the course, students should be able to do the following: Analyze the historical and cultural contexts of public health events and draw significant lessons from that analysis.
Explain how public health “science” is a cultural phenomenon.
Argue in support of, and against, the statement “public health problems are problems of the group and therefore require group solutions.”
Explain how public health problems are inherently complex and require complex, collaborative solutions.
Reflect upon and explain the significance of public health education to the student’s own life journey.
Describe how public health challenges prevailing social and policy paradigms.
Identify the rhetoric and metaphor in the statements of public health stakeholders.
Identify the ethical tensions inherent in all public health endeavors.
Requirements: 1000 words max

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