Discuss the ethical considerations and limitations of a study using these methods?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a research & summaries writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Part 1. Research Proposal (15 marks):
Introduction, Research Problem, and Questions (400-500 words)
Introduce the Goal of the Research;
Define and justify the Basic Research Model being employed
Discuss the Problem, Issue, or Critical Focus identified as your core Research Problem, include specific Delimitations of this Topic
List your Research Questions + Define the Types of Research Questions that you have chosen to use
Indicate the Units of Analysis that will be engaged by your research questions and discuss why they are important for your research proposal.
Literature Review and Reflections on the Research Problem (500 words)
Use 5-6 academic sources to discuss what previous research reveals about your topic. (Refer to lecture/tutorial materials for more information)
Identify how your research will address a gap in the existing literature
Discuss the significance of this research issue for you, the community in question, or society in general
Discuss the ethical considerations and limitations of a study using these methods?
Be sure to write with clarity, correct grammar and correct formatting using APA7 in-text citations and a reference list
Part 2.Interview Guide (5 marks)
Develop an interview guide that includes:
3 clear sections (including Generative Questions, Directive Questions, and Closing Questions)
15 primary questions (total across all of sections)
5 follow-up or probing questions (total across all sections)
Indicate each question type in parenthesis beside the question
1.Write a brief rationale (300 words) 2.Explain what you hope to accomplish across each section of the interview guide. Indicate and discuss your interview type and interview sample.3.Relate your interview questions to both the Research Questions and Units of Analysis for your study. It may be useful to explain how your questions accomplish the goal of each question type by ensuring that you answer the following questions:How do your questions and their order in the interview guide help build rapport and lead the interviewee towards your research questions?
How do the different types of interview questions engage with your research questions?
How do your follow-up or probing questions engage with particular units of analysis?
Requirements: 1300

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