Define compassion and describe the 4 part process of compassion.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.week 9This entry should be based on your thoughts and reflections from the module including the video, activity, reading, lecture and tutorial activities.Don’t forget, your weekly entry should include: At least one answer to the questions on the weekly article – minimum one paragrapThe chapter opens with a story about a team leader, Andy, deciding how to respond to the suffering of a team member, Xian. How did Andy respond and how appropriate do you think this was? What concerns do you think Andy might have by demonstrating compassion?
Define compassion and describe the 4 part process of compassion. What differentiates compassion from other positive interpersonal concepts?
What is meant by a “system level” focus on compassion at work? Is it enough to have kind people at work? What are the elements that are needed?
What do the authors list as the key points for defining compassion at work? Is this just to do with suffering that happens outside of work?
What examples do the authors give of sources of suffering from inside work and from outside work? Can you add to these?
What is the strategic significance of compassion at work for example – with changes processes? Describe the example of Patty to illustrate this. Can you think of other possible examples?
How could change processes be implemented with greater “compassion competence”? What are the five steps the authors mention that would have increased compassion without decreasing efficiency?
Can you see any cultural or organisational challenges in increasing compassion at work?
Your own reflections on this week’s Guest Lecture: identify one key comment from one of the speakers and indicate why it reasonates with you (vedio in Youtube :Does Compassion Have Value at Work? ,Jane Dutton)
At least 300 words.week 10Include at least two paragraphs reflecting on the subject and your journey through this unprecedented time in a global pandemic. You may wish to include those topics you found most interesting, the impact on the positive approach in your own thinking or experiences and what you hope to take with you in to the future from this subject. (Topic: Character Strengths, Managing Emotions, Happiness, Happiness, Managing Stress at Work,Leadership at Work: Authentic Leadership and Positive Leadership, Workplace Coaching, Workplace Coaching)
At least 250 words.
Please write week 9 and week 10 separately
Requirements: 1.5 hours   |   .doc file

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