Create your 5-year forecast.

This is the second part of a course project for a business start-up. Part 1 will be attached
Section L: Use of Funds
Describe how you plan to use the startup requirements in detail providing a start-up budget which includes all initial capital expenditures, build-out and start-up expenses. The details must be realistic and well researched.
Section M: Sales Forecast:
Create your 5-year forecast. Units, dollars and assumptions are critical. Create the sales forecast in a narrative. These may be based on the optional worksheets. Your forecast is the descriiption of the units you plan to sell, the services (amount of them) you plan to provide, and your growth projections of these numbers. Document all assumptions, and provide external source information for all assertions.
Section N: Breakeven (50 points)
Include a graphical representation that shows when your company will start making a profit.
Finally, write an executive summary that summarizes the main elements of your business concept and is the overview that should attract the attention of potential investors. This is a one to two-page summary of your plan, is written last, and should be able to stand alone as a document on its own merits. Include a clear and specific compelling Value Proposition with primary research, a brief synopsis of each plan section, and brief financial highlights. After reading this summary, the reader should have a clear understanding of the specifics of your plan.

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