Could the United States have stayed out of World War I? Why or why not?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.1-Could the United States have stayed out of World War I? Why or why not? Did the United States’ involvement make the situation in Europe better or worse? (300 words)2-Please respond to two classmates.(at least 100 words each).joseIn my opinion, the United States could not have stayed out of the war, because of the many neutral rights violations shown by both the British and Germans. As it was a neutral right for the United States to sell weaponry and goods to countries at war, the way the British seized some of those goods was very shady and unjust by having the US cut through their country and taking the material intended for Germany. While Germany could have done a little better at making sure what type of ships they were attacking, in the point of secretary of state William Jennings Bryan, I would have to agree that it was the responsibility of the American people to not board a ship of a country that was at war. After Wilson said all the things he said in the letters and letting the Germans have the decision of the US joining the war simply by attacking by U-boat one more time made it inevitable as well.I believe the United States’ involvement did make the situation a little better because after another German U-boat attack Wilson asked Congress for a declaration of war and Germany was trying to end it as quickly as possible. Wilson’s idea of peace without victory had a great influential impact on trying to end the war.kianOverall it does not look like the US could have stayed out of WW1 with the policies we had put in place at the time. We wanted to be able to trade with both sides of the war, but due to the advances in blockade technique with mines and Uboat usage, along with the unrestricted submarine warfare, which violated our neutral rights, it seems like the US being pulled into WW1 was inevitable. Had the US not been sending supplies to either side of the war, I doubt we would have been involved very much at all. Our involvement in WW1, I do believe, made the situation better for the pure fact that it helped end the war faster, and in a war of attrition, every second before the war ended was another life lost. The way the league of nations and treaty of Versailles were handled after the war by the US was exceptionally poor, though. WW1 was such a mass loss of life that seemed unavoidable with how tensions had been rising in Europe, and I think that is what it should be remembered for. Objectively there were very few good guys involved and so many young men that were sent into the meat grinder that was trench warfare.if you are able to access The Gilded AgeA History in Documentsby Janette Thomas GreenwooDyou can use it as a source (unit 4)
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