analysis of how the author achieves something using the various elements you’ll examine.

Using the book Stellaluna By: Janell Cannon select 5 points of analysis this book. The points of analysis include:
Plot (can include conflict)
You will also include a paragraph about the developmental stages that you think can be applied to the book. This isn’t going to be an exact science, since you may be new to learning theory, but try your best.
This response will need to be about 7 paragraphs. Remember, when you cite something from a source, you need to explain WHY that citation is relevant in your analysis of the book. A typical essay structure could be:
paragraph 1 = introduction (provide an interesting summary of the book and the author) with the last sentence of the introduction indicating you are writing an analysis of how the author achieves something using the various elements you’ll examine.
paragraph 2 – 5 = one paragraph for each literary elements you’ll discuss. The topic sentence should introduce the literary element and how it relates back to the thesis. Quotes or cited material should not be used as topic sentences.
paragraph 6 = developmental theory
paragraph 7 = the conclusion
Essay must be 700 – 750 words and at least 7 paragraphs. NOT INCLUDING CITED MATERIAL.
Your format must be in traditional MLA essay structure.

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