identify and discuss a critical health policy issue.

The assignment this week is to identify and discuss a critical health policy issue.
1. what is the issue?
2. why does the issue exist?
3 who does the issue affect?
4. what are some potential solutions to the issue – in terms of health policy?
5. How could local/state/federal officials address the health policy issue?
6. what can you, as a professional nurse, do to address the issue?
Use the outline above to discuss your critical issue
Grading will be based on the following criteria.
All questions are answered
Questions are answered both depth and breadth
Answers are clear, accurate and logical
Answers are based on factual information found in the assignment and not opinion only
Sources are cited and a reference list is included (if appropriate)
Assignment answers are posted to canvas on time
This is for a graduate level course for nurses. Health Systems: Policy, Planning, & Evaluation.

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