Discuss how strategic planning is a dynamic, vs. linear process. Why is this important?

Assignment 1
Chapter 5 Case StudyCASE STUDY: After researching the case, please submit a Word document explaining your answers in no less than 100 words.
Mr. Lansing had a flushed appearance when entering the clinic, which remained throughout the interview. He was 67. As a complete history was taken, the nurse noticed that Mr. Lansing became short of breath during some of his longer replies. In fact, he seemed to be panting.
Although Mr. Lansing said he smoked two to three packs of cigarettes a day, and had smoked for over 50 years, he had no cough. Upon examination, his breath sounds were diminished, and wheezing could be heard. Mr. Lansing indicated that there was little physical activity in his life, and that he regularly experienced dyspnea upon exertion.
1. Tests likely ordered for Mr. Lansing would include
A. ABGs.
C. chest X-ray.
D. all of the above
2. What nickname is used to describe the panting breathing pattern, together with the pink skin, of patients like Mr. Lansing?
3. What disease did Mr. Lansing have?
Assignment 2
Chapter 5 Health Care Management
Use your text to answer the following questions. If you use outside resources, make sure to provide a citation.
1. In what ways can you, as a manager, contribute to the management and execution of your organization’s strategy?
2. Discuss how strategic planning is a dynamic, vs. linear process. Why is this important?
3. Give an example of a SWOT analysis for an outpatient rehabilitation center in rural America. What is the purpose of using this tool? How is it best used in the planning process?
4. As a manager, how would you stay current in your field?
5. Select one healthcare trend or program and describe how it influences strategic planning.

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