Compare and contrast the ethical principles that relate to confidentiality

which facets of language and socialization you find interesting and compelling. How does the comparative ethnographic context illuminate this for you?
************************it doesn’t have to be a full page just a paragraph*****************************
1-Discuss whether it is preferable for social workers to work only with clients whose values are similar to their own. Are there potential ethical positives to this decision? What are the potential ethical negatives to this decision?
2-Compare and contrast the ethical principles that relate to confidentiality in 2 of the codes of professional ethics. Which code do you consider most helpful when a practitioner must make ethical decisions concerning the principle of confidentiality?
3- Now that you are aware of the NASW Code of Ethics, can you identify some of your personal values that might play a part in how you might engage in the ethical decision-making process?
**************** Answer the questions as they are numbered and separated here.*****************

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