Can you make a case against the dumping of pollutants or discharge of wastewater into waterways?

Please answer the following prompt and accompanying questions and pose at least one question to the group. Please refer to attachments for this week’s readings; incorporate online reseach to cite from in text with your answer and add it to your references list in APA 7 format.
“As you are revisiting the hydrologic cycle this week, be sure to keep in mind the discussion about biogeochemical cycles from Week 4. Moreover, as you learned, the hydrosphere is intricately connected to the other spheres, including the lithosphere that was discussed last week. Thus, please do not forget to review the group summaries from last week’s discussion.
You have learned about the basic characteristics of water this week and why water is important. How do you respond to the idea that “dilution is the solution to pollution?” Can you make a case against the dumping of pollutants or discharge of wastewater into waterways?
Then, think back to the human drivers of environmental change you learned about. Now consider how these drivers—human population growth and consumption, energy use, and land use—affect the hydrosphere. Help each other make connections and ask critical questions. ”
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